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Hello. I’m Flaviu Simihaian (flah-vee-yoo soe-me-hi-yon).

I was born in and moved to Concord, NC when I was 14 to play tennis and read T.S. Eliot. I have a B.A. in Economics from Davidson College and an M.S. in Software Design and Engineering from UNC Charlotte.

I currently live in New York City and I am the CEO of iMedicare., an awesome company that helps seniors save money on their Medicare plans and founded eval.me, a social entrepreneurship in the survey space. I am a proud Rotarian and was president of the Charlotte University City Rotary Club in 2011-2012.

When not inking business deals or reading the New Yorker, I develop in Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, JavaScript, and native iOS (though I’ve been caught dabbling in RubyMotion).

I try to be involved with the tech community, having started the Python and Django Meetup and help out with the Charlotte Ruby Meetup and Charlotte Grok.

You can reach me at .


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