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Hello. I’m Flaviu Simihaian (flah-vee-yoo soe-me-hi-yon).

I was born in and moved to Concord, NC when I was 14 to play tennis and attend school. I have a B.A. in Economics from Davidson College and an M.S. in Software Design and Engineering from UNC Charlotte.

I currently live in Charlotte NC and I freelance Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, JavaScript, and iOS (Native) Development.

I am the founder of eval.me, a web survey company, and Flavma Inc., a Pharmacy Software company that made , the first Medicare Part D Plan Finder for the iPad. I am a Rotarian and was president of the Charlotte University City Rotary Club in 2011-2012.

I am also involved with the local tech community, having started the Python and Django Meetup and help out with the Charlotte Ruby Meetup and Charlotte Grok.

When I’m not coding/entrepreneuring, I memorize poetry, golf, read the New Yorker, cook, and volunteer.

You can reach me at .


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