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The 80% Lean Startup

Yesterday, I read Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup.

This ADHD book invites you on an imaginary roller coaster of undigested thoughts.

So, who is Eric Ries? Who is John Galt? Oh, that’s a different blog post.

You don’t know who he is? He founded!!!

That’s pronounced “Aye am view” or “aye am vee you”. Not sure. Anyway, they make 3D Avatars.

Instead of cropping your ex-gf from a facebook profile picture, you can now just use a Sin City look-alike of Bruce Willis.

It turns out his biggest accomplishment in the Startup world is writing a book about Startups. Lean.

Eric Ries is proof that Jean Baudrillard was right. The signifier has replaced the signified. He is a simulacrum of an entrepreneur.

How do I really feel about it?

A lean startup is like a lean burger. Really healthy. Everyone says it’s what you should do. But it tastes awful.

Build a product in 2 hours, sell it in 4, be a billionaire by lunch, or start over. But the truth is (as I am finding out) that’s bullshit. Startups are all about the fat.

I think spending 2 days on a button’s CSS is frustrating and unproductive, yet necessary and rewarding.

Deciding which 20% of fat to keep is what really matters.

“Build. Measure. Learn.”


Build. But first, read this book. Then, build, or better, don’t. Find a way not to build. Hell, just admit you have a terrible idea. Repeat.

So, dear Eric, as you type the imminent sequel, please make it less than 336 pages, stop forcing corporate examples for your Bain & Company skimmers, and please, Eric, be phat.